• Security Personnel

    Our security personnel are necessarily sensitised and trained on topics related to human rights

  • Security Personnel

    Our "License to Operate" comes from the community and needs to be earned everyday through our deeds

  • Security Personnel

    Our onshore facility in Rajasthan is notified as prohibited areas under the Official Secrets Act and the offshore assets are regarded as vital assets by the Government of India and are protected by the Indian navy and the Indian Coast Guard

We have come to realize and strongly support energy security that entails a complex set of coordinated initiatives. We work inter-connectedly with our stakeholders on energy strategies, policies and regulations that chart a low-carbon and energy-secure growth path for India.

Security of assets and people is a matter of prime concern not just to us but to the oil and gas sector globally. The nature of the business, the remoteness of operations, various geopolitical geographies and the unsettled times in different parts of the world drive our increased focus on adequacy and effectiveness of security measures.

Our security preparedness starts even before beginning any operational activity by assessing the threat-levels of project sites. We believe that such assessments along with establishing legitimate ownership of land and other property claims are
the cornerstone to lasting security.

We have pursued in a disciplined fashion a set of initiatives towards ensuring security of our stakeholders and assets. Applying technology as a measure to safeguard our installations is one such initiative. Collaborating with district administrations and other security authorities to improve and build local administrative capacity for crisis management response requirements, is another. We enthusiastically partner with the community to ensure a holistic approach to security with innovative programmes like ‘Friends of Cairn’.

We are very keen to see all our assets protected and are committed to working with government agencies and other private companies to ensure the same.

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disclosures & Reports

Disclosures & Reports

Creating an impact

We are committed to mantain transparency and accountability in reporting our Sustainability practices.

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awards & recognitions


Jeevan Amrit Project - A safe drinking water initiative – 2016


Best Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Practice award – 2016


Game Changer – Oil & Gas Company of the year


Bureaucracy Today - CSR Excellence Award– 2016


CII (WR) Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Excellence Award2015-16


Certification for Quality Management System – 2016


Certification for Environmental Management System – 2016


Certification for Occupational Health & Safety Management System – 2016

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