Clear cut quality objectives
All our facilities, including the crude oil evacuation pipeline implement a robust Environment Management System (EMS) certified to the ISO 14001:2004 International Standards

We are committed to adopting and maintaining a total qualitative approach at every step. Clear cut quality objectives drives organizational excellence at Cairn and our quality culture encourages us to confidently meet the expectations of internal and external stakeholders.

We apply a thorough qualitative approach in our projects; in our procurement dealings; in our vendor development and relations; in our inspections relating to assets and project sites; and in our technical competency enhancement efforts for employees.

Acting with high qualitative consistency does not come easy and in our case we are able to meet high qualitative standards because of processes such as intensive screening processes or "gated process" that we have developed and put in place at Cairn. In our projects for instance, every step taken to transform it from a conceptual stage to an operational level, through various developmental transitions, is called a “Gate”. A review panel looks at every step within the process as well as deliverables on completion and assesses them with a qualitative lens.

For procurement and purchase processes, we use a software application called "Smart Source" to reduce hard paper utilization and our competitive bidding process that all prospective vendors go through ensures decisions are made after a thorough quality review.

For ensuring asset integrity we have a "Risk Based Inspection" that is upheld across the organization that synchronizes the inspection frequency with the criticality of the process or equipment. Predominantly the PAS 55 approach is being followed at Cairn.

Our employees too are given equal opportunity to request specific technical training during the self-appraisal process through an Individual Development Plans (IDPs). Similarly a comprehensive approach is followed by HR for group trainings at group or function level. 


disclosures & Reports

Disclosures & Reports

Creating an impact

We are committed to mantain transparency and accountability in reporting our Sustainability practices.

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awards & recognitions


Jeevan Amrit Project - A safe drinking water initiative – 2016


Best Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Practice award – 2016


Game Changer – Oil & Gas Company of the year


Bureaucracy Today - CSR Excellence Award– 2016


CII (WR) Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Excellence Award2015-16


Certification for Quality Management System – 2016


Certification for Environmental Management System – 2016


Certification for Occupational Health & Safety Management System – 2016

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