We are among the top 10 global E&P companies in Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) performance

Our HSE vision is to be a safe operator, leading the industry in safety standards and maintaining the highest HSE standards.

Cairn is committed to protecting the health and safety of everyone involved in its operations as it is committed to protecting the sustainability of the environment in which it operates. We have worked hard to put in place management systems; controls; objectives and targets; strategies; and training that uphold and honour national and international codes and standards on health, safety and environment.

Whether it is policies that inculcate safe behaviour as a personal value in all our stakeholders or that prevent road accidents, we have put in place mandatory compliances for all Cairn India employees and contractors while on business at our sites.

Fostering a preemptive safety culture across all our assets and facilities is fundamental to our DNA. We have Health, Safety & Environment (HSC) 'embeds' at all sites and in all our groups to ensure HSE issues are covered in all decisions and actions. Our contractors, third party man power, and suppliers are mandated to implement our HSE requirements and we work closely with each of these stakeholders to raise the awareness and standards on HSE performance.

Our road safety management system is one such best practice for which we are well recognized. It rests on the pillars of a robust road safety policy; a stringent driver's competence and training programme; a mandated high-standard of vehicle quality; and a non-compromising requirement of hazard identification and risk assessment of roads where employees are to travel.


disclosures & Reports

Disclosures & Reports

Creating an impact

We are committed to mantain transparency and accountability in reporting our Sustainability practices.

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