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    One of the largest EOR projects
    maximising recovery and shaping India’s energy future

Cairn India has established new benchmarks with its ability to manage reservoirs and maximise recovery to increase the reserve bases of the fields it operates. Advanced techniques are being utilised to maximise oil recovery. Simultaneously, process and off-take facilities are being continually upgraded to support production ramp up.

By introducing clean technologies, streamlining maintenance and improving recovery rates through innovative applications that are cost effective, Cairn India has successfully maximised the oil and gas output from mature and new fields.

Enhanced Oil Recovery-Chemical Flooding

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) is a term for special techniques to increase the amount of crude oil that can be extracted from a field, over and above conventional primary depletion or basic waterflooding which typically will recover 20- 40% of the stock tank oil initially in place.

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Skin Effect heat Management System

Cairn India is building the world’s longest continuously heated and insulated pipeline (~700 km) to evacuate the crude from the Mangala field in Rajasthan.

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Exploration Excellence-From Frontiers to Mature Basins

Cairn India follows an entrepreneurial strategy of creative thinking and implementing appropriate technology to search for commercial hydrocarbons by drilling high-risk but high-reward wells on prospective structures in India and in geographically geologically related plays.

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Reservoir Development- Optimized Field Development Through Integrated Reservoir Characterization

The subsurface is inherently complex and heterogeneous by its very nature. Oil and gas accumulations are trapped in porous rocks beneath the surface of the earth and their distribution is controlled by the geometry of the trap and the architecture of the depositional system in which they occur.

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Drilling Rigs and Well Technology

Cairn India has adopted an innovative approach for its onshore drilling program using state-of-the-art custom made Rapid Rig technology..

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