The Mangala, Bhagyam and Aishwariya (MBA) fields have gross recoverable oil reserves and resources of over one bn boe.

In January 2004, Cairn added the Mangala oil field in Rajasthan to its assets and this, along with the other discoveries in Rajasthan, will form the core of the future developments in India. So far 38 discoveries have been made in Rajasthan, showcasing a magnificent growth in the company's portfolio.

Mangala, Bhagyam, Aishwariya and other Fields

The Mangala, Bhagyam and Aishwariya (MBA), among others, constitute Cairn India's key fields in Rajasthan. They are the three largest finds in Rajasthan. The Mangala field — considered to be the largest onshore hydrocarbon find in India in more than two decades — was discovered in January 2004. This was followed by discoveries of the Aishwariya and Bhagyam fields. Till date 38 discoveries have been made in the Rajasthan block. Studies indicate that the block has further potential for growth.

As on 31 March 2015, the gross proved & probable Hydrocarbons Initially In Place (HIIP) for the block stands at 6 bnboe. The MBA fields have gross ultimate oil recovery of over 1 bnbbls from primary, secondary and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) methods.


The Mangala field is a worldclass asset and has continued to outperform expectations in terms of resource growth and production performance. It has produced at designated peak rates for more than three years. A full field EOR polymer flood is being implemented to maintain plateau production.


Bhagyam is the second largest field in Rajasthan, with an approved production plateau of 40,000 bopd. The field's oil in place volumes have proved better than initial prognosis but deliverability of individual wells has been below expectations. the plan for EOR has been optimized to improve the economics and allow Cairn India to undertake polymer flood recovery in the near term.


Aishwariya, the third largest discovery in Rajasthan, commenced production in March 2013. It is the fifth oil producing field from the block. To date, reservoir performance has been in line with prognosis. At Aishwariya, a revised FDP for an infill-drilling program of 20 wells has been approved by JV. The necessary preparations for this programme are underway.

Raageshwari Deep Gas Field

In March 2013, Cairn India commenced the commercial sale of gas from the Raageshwari deep gas field. Gas development in the Raageshwari Deep Gas (RDG) field in Rajasthan is a priority. During FY2015, average gas production from RDG was 16 mmscfd. This is expected to increase to 25 mmscfd in FY2016.

Raageshwari and Saraswati oil fields

The Raageshwari oil field commenced production in March 2012, while the Saraswati field commenced production in May 2011. Both fields continue to cumulatively contribute over 500 bopd towards the total production from the block. Availability of the integrated processing and evacuation facility has reduced operating costs — and has therefore made these marginal fields economically viable.

Barmer Hill and Satellite fields

The focus is on monetizing the tight oil reservoirs through efficient reserve development and deployment of fraccing technologies. During FY2015, Cairn India successfully completed the appraisal phase of the Barmer Hill development. In an effort to maximize value from the Rajasthan block, more satellite fields are being brought into production. During FY2015, four satellite fields were brought online taking the total number of such producing fields to six. An exit production rate of 5000 bopd for FY2015 was achieved from Barmer Hill and Satellite fields.

Mangala Processing Terminal

Mangala Processing Terminal (MPT) is spread over an area of 1.6 km2 and is a core asset. The MPT processes crude oil produced from the Rajasthan assets. Following processing, the crude oil is transported to refineries through a 24" diameter continuously heated and insulated pipeline.

The MPT's integrated production facilities support the FDP approved production, which is in line with the Company's unified Rajasthan block off-take capability.

The MPT saw installation of additional pumps and conversion of one power fluid pump to an injection water pump. A new pipeline was laid from the Thumbli saline aquifer to the MPT to further enhance the water injection capabilities. The Company is working to install additional injection pumps, injection filters, steam and utility systems, which will support the increased processing demand resulting from higher production.

Facilities at the MPT are being continually upgraded in order to support production ramp up. Going forward, the Company expects the MPT to play a key role in the development of the Rajasthan assets, the increased scale of activities and EOR polymer flood project.

asset map

The map shows Cairn India’s assets – one block in Rajasthan, two on the west coast and four on the east coast of India and one in South Africa.