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The production from our Rajasthan block reached ~200,000 bopd in FY 2014

The Mangala, Bhagyam and Aishwariya (MBA) are the three largest finds in Rajasthan. The oil and gas fields in the Rajasthan Block constitutes Cairn India's key assets in Rajasthan. The Mangala field- considered to be the largest onshore hydrocarbon find in India in the last two decades - was discovered in January 2004. This was followed by the discovery of Aishwariya and Bhagyam fields. To date, 31 discoveries have been made in the Rajasthan block. The Production Sharing Contract (PSC) for the project was signed on 15 May, 1995. In 1997, Cairn acquired an interest in the block. In 2002, Cairn acquired 100% of the exploration interest and assumed the role of operator.

Rajasthan Block Basic Facts

The Rajasthan block, RJ-ON-90/1, is spread over 3,111 km2 in the Barmer district.

  • Cairn India is the operator with 70% participating interest. Its joint venture (JV) partner, ONGC, has the remaining 30% participating interest.
  • The block consists of three contiguous development areas:
    1. Development Area (DA) 1, which comprises the Mangala, Aishwariya, Raageshwari and Saraswati (MARS) fields;
    2. DA 2, consisting of the Bhagyam, NI, NE and Shakti fields; and
    3. DA 3, having the Kaameshwari West fields.
  • At present, oil is being produced mainly from Mangala, Bhagyam, Aishwariya, Raageshwari and Saraswati fields and from Barmer Hill and satellite fields.
  • Gas promises to be a key growth area for Cairn India in Rajasthan. During FY2015 gas production from Raageshwari Deep Gas (RDG) field was 16 mmscfd and has a potential to reach 100 mmscfd in future.
  • The block has produced more than 281 mmboe till the end of FY2015.

asset map

The map shows Cairn India’s assets – one block in Rajasthan, two on the west coast and four on the east coast of India and one in South Africa.