Our People Drive Our Culture

OUR PEOPLE lead the way

Our people drive our culture. We make no qualms about it. That is why we recruit with passion, wisdom and patience. Our self-driven people retain the essence of who they are; build on their strengths; and excel in the Cairn environment.

Our employees win because they focus on the right things:

Stakeholders' success

Relationships cannot be outsourced and if you invest in relationships it always brings dividends.

Entrepreneurial thinking

At our place of work we can scale new heights and realize our dreams.

Process Excellence

Turning design and hard work into a real project and placing the first order in the project; we went through feelings of exhilaration, excitement, fear and intimidation.

Victory through collaboration

At our place of work, team work is a way of life and individuality is applauded.


"People make a difference in Cairn."
To hear these words from our people, makes us believe we are doing something right. Whether it is through an everyday gesture or a big discovery, our goal is to keep living up every day to the expectations others have of us.

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What Cairn is looking for?

Self-driven people who retain the essence of who they are, build on their strengths, and excel in the Cairn environment.