Learning and Development budget at Cairn

Our business success is pivoted on a strong foundation of capability building and talent development

  • The Learning and Development budget at Cairn India is one of the highest in the Oil & Gas
  • Around 400 in-house learning options
  • 80 % fulfilment of training calendar


Cairn is truly a great ‘teaching organization’ where our employees continuously learn & develop through formal and informal channels, with a judicious mix of technical capability building, behavioral and role based competency development and career development.

We recognize that a world-class organization is built on the foundation of a competent and engaged talent pool. Hence, we continue to make significant investments in building competencies in our people. We believe that a capable and engaged workforce will keep Cairn ahead of the curve.

The learning opportunities that Cairn provides on the job, through mentoring and structured training programs, indeed makes it a great place to learn. We take pride in the fact that learning and development continues to be one of the top-most performing engagement drivers.*

As a workplace, Cairn India is a mix of professionals from public sector undertakings; private companies; experienced expatriates; and new hires from premier engineering and management institutes, thereby offering a rich variety of collective experience and diverse background for any employee to benefit from.

Learning and development is therefore a key value proposition for all Cairn India employees. Our competency based training – both behavioral and technical – ensures all employees get the opportunity to avail best in-class training as well as on-the-job learning. Our world-class programs not only equip employees for performing their current roles well, but also prepare them for future roles.

*As per the last 2 employee engagement surveys.

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